Matt an Amber Get Married| Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia Wedding


I’m just going to say it…. I just can’t believe how perfect this wedding was! I’ve been putting off this blog because I can’t find the right words to describe it!

First Australia was as beautiful as I had imagined it would be and more. The people were genuinely friendly, the food was amazing, it felt safe, and again it was incredibly beautiful. Almost every person I had met was gorgeous, confident, and natural.
Matt, Amber, and family welcomed me with open arms and kept them lovingly around me the whole time. I felt like we were friends for years and years. I cried like a baby when I left them.
I wanted to fly my family there and never look back.

I was giddy with excitement when I saw the place where we were staying. A family farm nestled amongst the rolling hills… It was also the ceremony location. Excited! See the little white house… It was actually a lot bigger than that. It was just surrounded by acres and acres of beautiful land! Gives you an idea of what there was to play with.
Queensland Australia Wedding

The morning of the wedding Matt and Amber spent the morning together writing their vows and decorating the ceremony tree) with best man and family, maid of honor, and Matt’s adorable and super photogenic children. As others arrived the house filled with music and laughter. The morning was mellow. There was no plan. AMber even made her boquet of lavender that morning. It was go with the flow. Perfect.
The weather toyed with us. It started out sunny and hot… to windy… to chance of rain… and ended with a beautiful haze, warm breeze, and perfect temperatures. The sun was a dream. I’ve never had such a perfect day to photograph a wedding.
Queensland Australia Wedding
Queensland Australia WeddingInstead of the traditional bride walking down the aisle… The groom walked to the end of the drive at the bottom of the scenic hill. Amber was driven down so they can embrace before walking up the long aisle to their loved ones.
Queensland Australia Wedding

And just like a romantic movie… Matt’s son and daughter ran to Matt and Amber as they finished walking up the hill.
Everyone then followed them to the tree decorated with a whimsical banner made with a collection of vintage cloth.

Queensland Australia Wedding
The ceremony was short and entertaining. The vows, which were verses from songs (like Meatloaf’s “i will do anything for love), were passed around to all the guests and read out load. Adorable. Matt’s sweet daughter bestows the ring to amber in a regal way.
Queensland Australia Wedding

and then… we followed the beautiful sun to capture two real people in true love. I was going to explode with happiness during this time with them.

Queensland Australia Wedding

Queensland Australia Wedding
^^^How cute are these kids! Polite, fun, spunky, happy, and as sweet as can be!^^^^

The reception was simple and rustic. Filled with heart warming and emotional speeches, spirited dancing, delicious home cooked meal, and a husband who sang a love song to his beautiful wife… complete with some adorable dancing penguins of course.
Queensland Australia Wedding

There was so much happening during that week. I wish i could put it into words. I can only close my eyes and let the day play in my head. My new friends.. I love you all! You are unforgettable! I will see you again! I will make it happen!


Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer | Jess and Amanda


A romantic wedding in Virginia in November? Oh yes. Don’t mind if I do!

I adore Amanda’s style. I’ve been stalking her pinterest for an entire summer! I knew she was the bride for me.

Jesse is the brother of my dear friend and fellow photographer Diana. So I wanted to do extra well and I want to give a big thank you to her for introducing us! Jesse and Amanda were effortless… Some of my most favorite photos ever came from this wedding.

Some of my favorite details of this wedding day:

~ The wedding dress! It was her grandmother’s dress and later her mother’s wedding dress. It was a perfect fit!
~ Jesse and Amanda have amazing hair. Matching blondes!
~ The weather was slightly chilly but the sun was as lovely as it could get before the ceremony
~ After the ceremony it got dark. It worked though. It turned out to be one of my most favorite types of intimate shoots
~ The reception hall was a concert hall!
had amazing food and a great amount of room for dancing. It was perfect for these two music lovers.
~ The live band was phenomenal!
~ Mother of the bride made her dress!
~ I had a great second shooter who was a friend of the family (and a past favorite bride of mine). She has some serious skill.
~ and finally… southern hospitality.

Virginia Beach wedding

Virginia Beach wedding photographer

Virginia Beach Wedding

Virginia Beach Wedding

Virginia Beach wedding


Virginia beach vintage wedding



Brian and Corey | Orchard Lake Michigan Wedding

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Awwwws. Brian and Corey! Seriously the sweetest couple! These two have been nothing but kind to me since I first talked to them! Their friends and family share the same qualities…. My heart is full!

Their wedding was beautiful! It was delicate with a touch of old soul. Emerald City Designs did an amazing job bring Brian and Corey’s vision to life!

Here is my list of favorites!

~Them! I love them.
~Their friends. I secretly called them my own friends for the day. They were super fun and kind!
~The wine glasses for the girls… Well.. Brian made them. And attached to each glass was a sweet note of appreciation written by the groom.
~ all the little lace and sparkle details.
~ The first look! She was so excited to see him!
~The boys had awesome custom Koozies!
~ The veil, the venue, the flowers! Photographers dream!
~ The buttons to honor a friends life. Just amazing
~ The music!!! Awesome Motown music by

oh oh! Just look at the beauty!

Orchard Lake country clubOrchard Lake country clubOrchard Lake country clubOrchard Lake country clubOrchard Lake country clubOrchard Lake country clubOrchard Lake country clubOrchard Lake country clubOrchard Lake country club

Thank you so so much Derek Cookson for your amazing photography skills! You are always a blast to shoot with!
Hair and makeup:
Video: (really easy going! I can’t wait to see what they came up with)


Andrew & Mary | Bay City Michigan Wedding Photographer

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Oh man! I am super lucky to get weddings like no other! Andrew and Mary had a full schedule of fun on their wedding day! I am so honored to have been apart of it. It was. a. blast.

I couldn’t ask for a more perfect day… and I’m not even the one getting married.
Here is my Super list of favorites!
~ Mary’s skin tone… I know… It’s a weird thing to like skin tone… But Wait until you see her beautiful face! Photographers dream!
~Her dress! I had a slight crush on her train!
~Andrew’s bow tie!
~The wedding party… they loved to be photographed and I enjoyed photographing them!

Bay City Wedding
~The flowers! The kind that smelled sooooo good
~Andrew’s face when Mary walked around the corner!
~The little secret glances they shot towards each other through the ceremony
~ They locked unread notes to each other and locked them into a beautiful box
~ “olive juice” (I love you).. just a little quirk that I love about them
Bay city wedding
~ We set up for a couple shots of the wedding on the dock… bustled the dress then headed out to the bar. Yeah… I loved this part
~We took pictures of everyone just hanging out and cooling off at the bar then headed to the park for another 15 minute session
~ The shot on the bench: That’s were Andrew proposed… awwws
~ Onto the party bus..
~Sang some tune “Tiny Dancer” was my favorite group sing along
~Then… We played mini golf, rode go karts, and rode a roller coaster…. oh yes. that just happened…. on a wedding day!

Bay City wedding

Paper Lanterns… you make me emotional every dang time.
Mary and Andrew, You did an amazing job! I am so happy to have been your photographer!

bay city wedding lanterns bay city Michigan wedding

Thanks to the vendors! Whoop whoop to the artists! Hail to the chiefs!
Ceremony: Messiah Lutheran Church, Bay City
Flowers: Memories by Candlelight
DJ: Friend of Andrews! Also a couple super talented guitarists entertained through out the evening.
Entertainment: Kokomo’s family fun center
Second shooter: The amazing Violet from Violet Short Photography (A famous blogger too:
Reception: The beautiful Apple Mountain in Freeland Michigan


Garrett and Kaitlyn | Eaton Rapids wedding photographer

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A sweet backyard wedding! I got a bit teary eyed when I relived this wedding in the editing room.

The day started chilly then warmed up to the perfect temperature. The ceremony decor was in the finishing process when i arrived. Across the pond were rows and rows of white chairs under a large tree, a big beautiful tent, and a large beautiful home. Views like this make me warm inside.
The girls were downstairs getting ready and the boys hung out in the tent. The kids were running around the grounds dressed in vintage storybook attire before the ceremony started.

The ceremony.. oh the ceremony! When Kaitlyn walked down the isle, Garrett beamed! When she was finally given away by her father, Garrett held her tight. He also snuck in several temple/cheek/head/hand kisses. =) Thata boy. Kaitlyn surprised Garrett with an absolute beautiful song! Not a dry eye in sight. Even I had to hide behind the tree to wipe a few tears. When the first kiss as husband and wife finally came there was some teasing and laughter and a really nice kiss.
These two were a dream to photograph! The wedding party was so fun and sweet =). Most of them were folks that were near and dear to my heart! I have met a lot of the guests and party at past weddings… three are past brides and grooms and now great friends of mine.

The rest of the day was a blast. I stayed wayyyyy later than normal… I had so much fun dancing and mingling and photographing!
A shout out to the ones who decorated! Amazing job to you! It looked like a professional decorator came in!
Mary (a dear friend) put together the flowers!! The flowers were all grown in family backyards just for the wedding!!! Can you imagine being the lucky one to walk in a field of sunflowers!
And finally! Hair!! Look up Erin Wichman! I have photographed three events that featured her magnificent, whimsical, and detailed hair styles. She did everyone’s hair with grace and speed!
Thank you thank you for allowing me to be apart of this beautiful day!

eaton rapids weddingMichigan backyard weddingsunflower weddingmichigan wedding


Jim and Laurie | Lansing wedding photographer

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What an amazing start to August!!  I’ve been photographing Jim and Laurie and Aubrey about four years! When Laurie contacted me and said she was getting married I said, oh yes! I want to be apart of that!!!

Jim is charming, calm, sweet, respectful, and respected.  Laurie is graceful, honest, loving, and, compassionate.  To shoot this wedding was comfortable.  They made my job so so easy!

Their wedding took place at their home!  I love intimate backyard weddings! So personal!

I love love love… red.  The shades of red where rich! They also had cute quirky details that made the wedding fun!
Looks… like I am.. starting a love list…

Here are my favorites from this wedding!

Laurie’s dress was stunning on her!  The jewelry was amazing too!  I want….
The wedding party was fun!
Jim and Aubrey were sweet together.  I remember my mini photoshoot with them that day perfectly!
The food!  mmmm.. It was so so good… Caramel apple cookies were present…
Jim and Laurie were accommodating to everyone!
Aubrey…. she is so awesome!  And super photogenic.  You will see a lot of photos of her.
The personalized mugs.. yeah.. I am a fan of cups and mugs!
The wedding was so laid back!
Finally!  They wrote each others vows to read out loud to each other… so so fun!

Ready  for photos???  ENJOY THE WEDDING!  I did!



Nate and Heather | Kansas City wedding photographer


Oh Heather! Heather is a friend of mine. I normally don’t do friends and family weddings… But when you are as kind, respectful, passionate, funny, trusting, and as easy going as Heather.. I will make it happen!

Heather always made sure I was comfortable even when I didn’t need to be. She always made sure I was apart of the wedding as a guest. Thank you guys for making me feel welcome and trusting me to shoot your wedding!

As long as I have know Heather she has enjoyed the color purple! I am so glad it was apart of her wedding and adding the pop of orange completed her look for her wedding!

The ceremony was super cute! I smiled the hole time. Nate’s sweet side shined! He loves Heather and her daughter Rachel! What a perfect match!

I loved spending time with Nate and Heather after the ceremony. They were happy to visit all my crazy ideas! Thank you! =)

There are two parts of the day that stand out to me… I loved that the guests were pumped at the idea that they got to blow bubbles during their first dance. It looked amazing!
and the cake cutting! But I will keep that sweet little story to myself… well.. when i do tell my wedding obsessed friends… they all say awwwwwwww.


kansas City Wedding