Mitch & Liz | Flint Michigan Wedding Photographer

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Mitch and Liz were easy!  This wedding flowed so well!  Nothing went wrong!  Smoooooth.. I am over joyed to show you this wedding. I have dreamed to shoot such a wedding!  I can cross glitter dresses off my “wedding bucket list”.   I must say Flint is a beautiful little city.  I will be back!  A special thank you to Cafe Rhema for letting us cool off and enjoy an iced coffee in your beautiful establishment.

I loved the 20’s feel!  Red lips, lacey sleeves, blue hues, sweet updos.

Sit back and enjoy some of my most favorite photos!  2016-06-20_00022016-06-20_00052016-06-20_00062016-06-20_00072016-06-20_00032016-06-20_00042016-06-20_00082016-06-20_00092016-06-20_00102016-06-20_00112016-06-20_00122016-06-20_00132016-06-20_00142016-06-20_00152016-06-20_00162016-06-20_00192016-06-20_00202016-06-20_00212016-06-20_00222016-06-20_00232016-06-20_00242016-06-20_00252016-06-20_00262016-06-20_00272016-06-20_00282016-06-20_00292016-06-20_00182016-06-20_00302016-06-20_00312016-06-20_00332016-06-20_00342016-06-20_00362016-06-20_00372016-06-20_00382016-06-20_00392016-06-20_0040

Second shooter:  The amazing Evis for being so cool! Seriously.. I could hang out with you all day.

Ceremony: St Michael’s Catholic Church

Reception: Northbank Center


Matt and Sara | Chicago Wedding Photographer

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Ahhhh.. I adore the first wedding of the year. So motivating, inspiring, refreshing.

I met Matt and Sara for the first time on their wedding day!  So special!  And what makes it even more special, I was one of a handful of people to witness their vows!  It was super intimate!

We started the day with a first look in the beautiful Palmer House

Then we headed out to view the amazing Chicago skyline!  We had lots of time to explore Chicago!  It was the perfect day!

Matt and Sara met up with their darling families at Remingtons.  In a little room in the darling restaurant they became husband and wife. The most intimate wedding I had ever attended.  Amazing!

Love you guys!  I hope our paths meet soon!