Photobooth at the Mill 2016 Blog 2

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It’s not finished yet!  But maybe you would like to see what is happening so far!


Adding a tree or greenery here2016-11-22_00022016-11-22_0003Greenery and logs will be added!2016-11-22_00042016-11-22_00052016-11-22_0009This might not be used… but thought it would be cool for kids2016-11-22_0008This is work in progress adding greener around the top of the arch… picking up more lanterns and lighting the candles which will illuminate the floor! 2016-11-22_0007There are two more spots I need to finish!  I will be hanging these bulbs infront of the blue wall!  I needed a picture of a person to show the color… and because it was just me.. well.. Let’s get personal… This is my wake up face!    The green couch space will be reveled soooon!



Christmas Photobooth Year 2~

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If you just want one or two photos for your Christmas Card this year or just a photo for your facebook during the Holidays… This is the shindig for you!

Last year I rented Litchfield Michigan’s historic exchange building!  It was a huge hit and was super beautiful!  Looking forward to using this gem again in the future!

This year curiosity has directed me to another historic building in Hillsdale! Stocks Mill! When I was a kid I used to get tester donuts (so good by the way) on my way to school. Climbed up multiple flights of stairs to get them too.   I used to photograph seniors near this majestic building when I first started photography! And now I have exclusive use of the inside!!!!!

Ok.. here is how it works:

    1. Like my facebook page: luna dulce photography (Please… this is important to keep track of dates and times.)
    2. Send me a message on the facebook business page with the date and time you would like to be photographed (I will only respond to photobooth photos on the facebook page!!!  November 26 (9am-4pm), December 3(9am-4pm), 4(12:30am-4pm), 10(1pm-4pm),11(12:30am-4pm) first come first serve on times.
    3.  Check in!  Someone will be there to assist you! Cash or check only! $43 for 4 photos !  High resolution photos you can use on facebook/printing/or cards!
    4. Photos will be shot within 15 minutes or less. Please be ready when you arrive! Stay and enjoy a donut!
    5. Choose a set up!  Designing is in the works (changes will be posted!)!  Here is a sneak peek:set-up-onesetup3


6.  wait for your  emailed link and download!

Book Now!!!  17 spaces available for November 26, December 3, 4, 10,11

Here are some other photos while taking our tour!